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"I put off decorating my home for the longest time because I didn't think I could do it. Designer in a Binder is super easy to use--it's like a step-by-step instruction manual. 

Tasha lays out exactly what you need to do, the order you need to do it in and what you need to pay attention to when you are making your plans. Just having done one room with Designer in a Binder makes me confident I can tackle all the other rooms in my house."  

- Joann

"I purchased Designer in a Binder just 3 short weeks ago and I'm so thankful I did. I don't consider myself very creative nor am I very confident about my ability to do my own designing. DIAB has already helped me with both! In my first shopping trip to Target just a week after my purchase, the cashier actually asked me if I was an interior designer! A few days later, the cashier at Marshall's asked me if I staged homes when I purchased a few accent pieces for a large wall. Wow! I'm so thankful for DIAB!"

- Stephanie

"I always felt very lacking in my ability to decorate. Designer in a Binder makes it very easy because it walks you through each step to help you create a home that you are really going to love. Tasha says 'I have not and will not try to get you to define your style.' This has given me permission to start filling my home with only the things I love! It just makes me feel so happy because when I walk into my home, that's my happy place!"

- Michelle